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How It Works:

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Audit Account for Life

Audit Account for Life

The Audit Account is a cloud-based tool that guides you during the entire branding process. It saves all documents in one single place that can be shared with your entire team. 

Our workshops will get you started using the Branding Accounts to advance your brand.

With a branding contract you hire us for 3 to 6 months to develop your brand.

If you are interested in developing your company or product brand over time, the Audit Account is the right approach for you and your team. It gives you project management tools, video tutorials, branding templates loaded with the latest branding knowledge and techniques. 

We know that starting a branding initiative can be challenging. This is why we offer face-to-face sessions to help set up a solid branding plan – step by step. Our sessions can be at our location in Poulsbo or Seattle or we can meet your team at your business location. 

To jump-start your brand we have developed a branding contract that will get you set up within a short time period. This contract includes several branding sessions, logo design, a branding style guide, a website and printed marketing material like business cards, company and product flyers, and much more.

  • Single sign-on for quick and easy access to your entire team
  • Integration of all your cloud drives and web-based file servers
  • Supports all cloud-based graphic design software like LucidPress and Canva
  • Ability to upload files for quick access and sharing with your team
  • Asset and Brand Approval process, date validity control for assets and phases
  • Ability to manage asset terms of use, trademarks, and copyrights
  • Permissions enable controlled access to all brand assets 
  • Ability to automatically publish and share brand assets with the team and external parties.
  • Integration of Adobe InDesign files 
  • Version Control Management (coming soon)

Your Benefits 

Benefits for the User

Brand Workshops & Brand Audits

  • On-site brand workshops for your entire team led by experienced brand consultants
  • On-site brand audits with your management team performing a deep-dive into your brand

Touchpoint Creation

  • No need to find an expensive graphic design house or train your staff in designing your marketing material. The Brand Builder Box™team will create a powerful brand style guide and design and produce all marketing material.
  • We will print company and product flyers, business cards. We will produce banners, stickers, A-frames, and much more. 
  • easy to manage
  • low initial costs and no recurring costs
  • 100% budget control
  • 100% cloud-based
  • consistent marketing material
  • no agency fees (because we are not a branding agency)
  • proven processes (our system is built on the experience of leading branding gurus.)
  • plenty of tested templates
  • team collaboration tools
  • we can create any marketing material you can imagine

Benefits for the Management  


We are a team of graphic designers, marketing enthusiasts,  consultants, newspaper gurus, language geeks and .. of course, branding experts – and we are from the Northwest if that counts for anything. 

Chief Visionary

Lao Ban Niang 老板娘

Brand Warrior

The Money Gal

(aka VP – Lady Boss)

(aka President)

(aka Operations Manager)

(aka Bookkeeper)

Ingemar Anderson

Barbara Anderson

Tim Meikle

Rosie Brant

Our vision is that every business owner and manager has access to a systematic and complete branding solution. Today, over 90% of companies do not use any branding services and kludge their brand together using diverse graphic design, printing and marketing companies. We aim to empower our customers by using our online tools and services to become masters of their brands.


Our mission is to provide a world-class solution for a systematic and complete branding process without tying them to us.  All our solutions include the creation of a brand style guide, so business owners and executives can select their own favorite graphic design teams and printing companies but don't need to juggle several silo teams anymore, so they can finally focus on their vision.


Here is why you should switch to Brand Builder Box™


You are a business owner or a marketing/brand manager of a small to medium-size company. You are aware of the need for branding but have not found a systematic approach to getting it right. 


We facilitate a 2+ hour workshop with your team. A report will be generated after the workshop and emailed to the account holder.


Our team will spend 4+ hours with you and your team to plan a full brand audit. A report will be generated after the last session and emailed to the account holder.

Our team will come to your place, or we invite your team to our conference boardroom in Seattle or  Poulsbo, WA. We will introduce you to the Brand Builder Questionnaire and facilitate the entire workshop with your team. The goal of the workshop is to complete all open questions Brand Builder Questionnaire.

Our team will come to your place, or we invite your team to our conference boardroom in Seattle or Poulsbo, WA. We will audit your brand with your team. We will introduce you to our Brand Builder Box™ audit account and its tutorials to conduct research, clarify strategies, define identity, create marketing touchpoints, and to manage your brand assets. The result of these audits is a completely documented audit of your brand.


Create Awareness


Inspire People


Call to Action

Download the 24-page Audit Account Workbook for Free

Brand Builder Box™ Audit Account

The Audit Account allows business owners and managers to professionally control the building of a powerful brand.

Welcome to the  Brand Builder Box™Audit Account.


What's in the Box?

Logo Design

Based on your responses from the branding questionnaire we will develop a brand and create your official branding style guide.  You will work with our brand specialist via email and over the phone to find out and capture how exactly you want your brand to feel and look. 

Our design team will start working on creating your new logo. The logo is the most important visual element of your brand. This is why we will create the logo first. For us, creating a logo is not a process that happens somewhere in the back-office. Our approach to logo design is to involve a variety of people to capture its perception and possible feelings that a logo might create. When you receive the first set of logo suggestions from us, you might be surprised by the quality of their designs and how relevant they are. We promise that you will love your new logo.

The purpose of every brand is to create awareness. This is why our designers are very trend-perceptive. Styles in graphic design change constantly and customers tend to be aware of the smallest shifts. Our teams apply their experience, skills, and knowledge to create marketing material that will make your company or organization look relevant. And the best part is that we will make sure that all designs are 100% true to your brand. Since we developed your unique style guide, we not only follow all its definitions but also provide you with all the data you need to have other teams build artifacts that represent your brand.  

Our printing division has been in business for almost forty years and has served thousands of companies. The beauty of the Brand Builder Box™ is that you get not only all your online promotional material but also a whole printed marketing set. You don't need to worry about getting your designs printed or distributed. We will send you your branding box with all you need to get started. Of course, we make it also very easy to reorder any of your material from us online. We ship to the entire United States.

We will facilitate Brand Audits and Brand Workshops with your team.  You will receive full access to your Brand Audit Account, which you can entirely manage in the cloud. Our team can create and set up your own Brand Audit Account before we help build and lead a team to conduct research, clarify strategy, define identity, produce touchpoints, and manage brand assets. Our graphic design team will create and deliver all touchpoints included in your package.

Printed Marketing Material

We design all elements with the online and printing aspect in mind. Computers, mobile devices, and print require different color codes. For example, RGB colors are used for computer screens, CYMK is used for digital printing, and PMS colors are mainly used for offset printing. We make sure that all your artwork comes in all three different formats. This is why you will never be stuck when you plan to run online campaigns.

Online Marketing Material

A McKinsey & Company study showed that top-ranked brands consistently outperform the MSCI World benchmark* by 73%.

* The MSCI World Index, which is part of The Modern Index Strategy, is a broad global equity benchmark that represents large and mid-cap equity performance across 23 developed markets countries. It covers approximately 85% of the free float-adjusted market capitalization in each country and MSCI World benchmark does not offer exposure to emerging markets.

*) We are able to provide you with almost every marketing product you can imagine. Check out our current catalog here.


With a clearly defined brand we will take your business to the next level. Don't take it from us. Hear what our clients have to say! 

Blair Schuetz, KSAC

"They helped our agency put a new brand on our image that is fresh, professional and handsome. The logo was the starting point from which the business cards, brochures and website took their inspiration. We are very proud of the results."

Jim O'Meara

"I owe my success to visually transmitting the value of my products. I love the personal service and attention to detail. Thank you!"

We believe that most businesses can benefit from better branding.

"Brand Builder Box™ changed the way I see branding."

Success is ... 

... done through Internal Branding.

Why is branding so difficult? 

Because branding touches everything you do, say and ... not do.

Because branding is a life-long task.

Because branding is complex and requires to be insanely consistent.

Everything your customer sees tells a story.

Below is a 19-page sample style guide defining the brand for Brand Builder Box™. With the purchase of one of our packages we will create your own unique brand style guide including touchpoint mockups.

Corporate Identity showcases strength and stability of your Organization. Branding is more than just the visual appearance.

Brand ID = 

Brand Behavior + 

Brand Design +

Brand Communication

Below is our current 24-page marketing touchpoint catalog that illustrates all touchpoint for the Brand Builder Box™.

Click on the page numbers at the bottom of the catalog showing below to browse our catalog. 

Branding is why a customer buys from us.

Do you know what your company brand stands for? What are people saying about your business when you are not listening? Why do customers come to you and won't go to your competitors? They come to you because they trust your brand. Customers are not primarily interested in your products or your services; they are interested in the promise you make. It does not matter how big your business is, or if they know you in person or not. If people trust your company brand, they will come to your business.

Marketing is when a customer buys from us the first time.